Laser Engraving for Traceability

With the use of a technology adopted from the automotive industry, we engrave a special QR-code in all our components that contains all manufacturing-related information. Straightforward identification without damage.

ALaser engraving technology, used efficiently in the automobile industry for a long time, is available. We engrave a special QR code on components in a way that causes no damage to the printed circuit itself or the built-in components. The code stores all necessary manufacturing information, such as:

  • name of the manufacturer
  • date of manufacturing
  • raw materials used, source of the raw materials
  • date of delivery
  • term of the warranty period
  • and lots of other information

With the use of this technology, we replace the outdated identification decals that were too fragile to ensure proper traceability. Thanks to this innovative solution, traceability is guaranteed: no more ‘lucky dips’ in debatable cases, as all the necessary information on the components is available throughout its lifespan.

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