Play it safe when nothing is certain yet – Prototype Manufacturing of the Best Quality

Only need a few prototype pieces? You design it, we manufacture it in the best possible quality; we support your development with reasonable prices and by manufacturing high-quality prototypes.

_DSC2430You have a new development that you would try out in live testing? Why would you pay a lot of money for all this, when you don’t have to? Our company has always supported innovation in our country, so if you only need a few prototypes, do not hesitate to contact us. We support your work with extra low prices, while retaining the same quality we offer in serial production.

Whether it is BGA or μBGA component placement, we are happy to support your work by assembling as few as 1-2 panels, if that is required. By using all the technologies and devices available for us, truly outstanding, high quality prototypes can be built (30μm placement tolerance, x-ray inspection possibility, visual and functional testing).

Facilitate your development with perfect quality prototypes for a reasonable price: click here and request a free quote:

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