Selective Wave Soldering

How can we guarantee perfect soldering for every single work piece? Whether they be SMD or through hole components, with the innovative technology of selective wave soldering we can avoid 100% of the defects resulting from hand soldering.

_DSC2484Did you know that defects resulting from hand soldering can be completely avoided? Would you to see several thousand work pieces coming off the line, each with the same, perfectly accurate soldering as the first one? We made all it possible with selective wave soldering: we were among the firsts in the country to introduce this technology and retained our leading position in selective machine soldering. Whether they are through-hole (TH) or traditional SMD components, we guarantee consistent high quality for each manufactured item.

All selective soldering parameters (speed, contact time, temperature, flux amount, etc.) can be set by a program, assuring optimal soldering quality in a lead-free environment with the use of nitrogen as shielding gas. The operator of the machine can follow and control the soldering process with the help of a so called ‘process’ camera.

Type of the machine in use: Pillarhouse JADE, SEHO SelectLine-C Maximum panel size: 457 mm x 508 mm (18″ x 20″)

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