We are the greatest with the smallest things, too – 100% Defect-free BGA Assembly

Do you want to design the smallest possible electronics? Our state-of-the-art technology means that you can safely design with BGA footprint: We assure nearly 100% defect-free BGA component placement with 30μm placement tolerances, 2D solder paste inspection and 3D X-ray inspection.

BGA02-1Are you looking into decreasing the size of the electronics you manufacture, but have not found the appropriate partner for placing BGA package components? Go big by thinking small: With the use of state-of-the-art assembly techniques (30μm placement tolerances, 2D solder paste inspection and 3D x-ray inspection) we can assure you that you get the exact final product you ordered. We check the perfect soldering and positioning of BGA and μBGA components with our x-ray inspection technology. This way we can screen out defects that result from short-circuit between legs and from incorrect soldering and we can immediately intervene in the manufacturing process if necessary.

Leave your smallest components to the most skilled hands: Click here and request our free quote:

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