X-ray Inspection

Did you know that an x-ray inspection can be carried out during the entire production process? This is how we can expose hidden defects that are difficult or impossible to detect using other methods. Learn more about the method now.

AVC4-2X-ray inspection can be deployed in any phase of manufacturing to expose hidden defects: this method can be used to inspect the quality of the PCBs, and unexposed soldering defects, invisible to the naked eye, can also be discovered. It is the perfect method for inspecting components with BGA footprint, setting up and inspecting the reflow soldering of chips.

By using the latest assembly techniques we can assure placement tolerances up to 30 μm, and also carry out 2D paste inspection and 3D x-ray inspection with a resolution of 1 μm. The position and correct soldering of BGA and μBGA components can also be inspected, ensuring that no short circuits are formed between legs.

Since it can be carried out in multiple phases of production, we are able to ensure 100% defect-free component manufacturing with this test procedure.

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