Perfect device housings - From metal or plastic

With us, you only need one to have one device housing manufactured, one that fits snugly and is perfectly functional. We guarantee this both with plastic and metal housings, from manufacturing to complete assembly and functional testing at the highest quality, as we know that properly made housings do matter.

Muanyag-dobozAre you looking for a manufacturer who offers the perfect solution for device housing? Do you need housings with professional fit and aesthetically pleasing appearance that reflect the quality of your company? Do not hesitate to contact us, since our company has all the tools and equipment that enable the professional assembly of your products. If required, we produce the first units right away with a 3D printer, so that the final product can be held in hand before serial production is initiated.

Whether they are plastic or metal housings, nothing is impossible for us.

Technologies used

  • For plastic device housings: 3D printing, injection moulding, pad printing, screen printing, hand assembly and functional testing of the final product.
  • For metal housings: laser contour cutting, perforation, bending on CNC machines, spot welding, riveting.

Furthermore, we are able to perform the following tasks at the highest level of quality: powder coating, pad printing, screen printing, galvanising, assembly and functional testing of the final product.

It does make a difference, what type of device housing your components get placed into, doesn’t it? Play it safe: request a free quote now:


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