Quality Development

What risks may arise during electronics contract manufacturing?

Without a proper quality assurance guarantee, the majority of contract manufacturers cannot guarantee the functionality of all products and 100% compliance with the plans. Too often their defect rate is too high, creating an unnecessary risk for the buyers, including you: products made in contract manufacturing assembled into the final product often lead to failure, and may render the product useless or lead to defective functionality, which incurs lots of extra cost and causes a headache for your organisation...

Why take unnecessary risks in electronics contract manufacturing?

Did you know that these risks can be avoided? We only accept one quality level in electronics contract manufacturing: perfect, 100% fully functional, defect-free delivery, where the assembled products can fulfil their functions without a single problem. These electronics products ensure a safe operation, there is no need for follow-up servicing on your behalf, no need for replacement of spoiled goods, nor is there a need for calculating price with a defect rate included.

We release you from responsibility

Forget risks arising from defective parts once and for all, and let the professionals do the contract manufacturing: We are the only electronics contract manufacturer in the country who can guarantee a 100% defect-free delivery with our unique 5+1 phase testing procedure on all units. As contract a manufacturer, we offer a 100% guarantee on quality control, releasing you from responsibility.

Moreover, we are unique in that we think together with our partners, enabling you to further optimise your manufacturing processes and products. This is how we contribute to a more competitive performance and enable you to provide products of increasingly superior quality, meeting the demands of your customers.

We believe in quality without compromise. Learn more about our 5+1 phase testing procedure or contact us to get a quote now: 

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