made_by_silveria_eu-1You do not want to take unnecessary risks in choosing an electronics contract manufacturer, right? You would like to avoid unnecessary expenses and loss of time and income because of repeated manufacturing, right?

Be 100% sure: learn more about our 100% defect-free guarantee

We are the first in Hungary to guarantee that all components, cables and other electronics devices and instruments we manufacture are delivered to you at their 100% best quality and defect-free. We follow technical developments very rigorously: We use the best available industrial machinery to meet international production quality standards, and all our expert colleagues with decades of experience have one goal in mind:

You should be satisfied with the work we have completed. Moreover, we are unique in thinking together with our partners, so that we enable you to further optimise your manufacturing processes and products.

Our five-phase testing ensures that all components and electronic products are 100% functional, so that you can avoid unnecessary risks. You only have one task left:

Lean back and enjoy the ever-growing longevity and quality of your devices and instruments and become more competitive on the market.

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