Looking for a professional component manufacturing partner? Would you like a 100% defect-free warranty ensuring that the manufactured components are perfectly functional and of superior quality?

By using the most modern infrastructure currently available, we provide extreme precision in serial production and cost-effective low volume prototype manufacturing in the same outstanding quality during contract manufacturing. Moreover, we are able to meet your special demands at the highest level, so if you do not find the solution you need during contract manufacturing among the services listed below, please contact us, as we are sure we can help you.

Laser Engraving for Traceability
With the use of a technology adopted from the automotive industry, we engrave a special QR-code in all our components that contains all manufacturing-related information. Straightforward identification without damage.
Program Upload - Verification: You Write It...
Do you want to have a single partner taking care of uploading and verifying your program for electronics? Thanks to our programming equipment, we also release you from this task: you write the program code, we will upload it to the devices and test its functionality.
Automated and Manual Assembly of Printed Ci...
Are you looking for a professional team for PCB Assembly? Whether it is the traditional through-hole (TH) or surface-mount technology (SMT), our qualified and experienced colleagues assemble the end-product with skill and precision. Moreover, SMT placement and selective TH soldering are carried out on a market-leading industrial high-precision production line.
A Life without Torn Cables, Cable Confectio...
We know exactly how annoying it is when equipment fails because of poor cable quality. That is why we employ staff who are real specialists in this field. We even offer the complete testing of each individual item for a perfect result.
Perfect device housings - From metal or pla...
With us, you only need one to have one device housing manufactured, one that fits snugly and is perfectly functional. We guarantee this both with plastic and metal housings, from manufacturing to complete assembly and functional testing at the highest quality, as we know that properly made housings do matter.
Precision Electronics Serial Production
Exclusively focused on development? Forget costly investments in production lines and let the professionals do the manufacturing. We perform the complete manufacturing of electronics and precision engineering, from component acquisition to programming the final products, all the way to packaging.
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