Validation Before Production – DVP (Design ...
Play it safe before initiating production: You design it, and we make sure that you know whether it is viable. In cases where we find any issues with manufacturability, we notify you before serial production and consult with you, if necessary.
It is important for you that the final product you receive complies with the design and component list provided, right? A professional component manufacturer examines everything, even itself: as a component passes DVP testing, its serial production may be initialised, and paused as soon as the first specimen has been completed.
Visual Inspection Using Japanese Technology...
You do not want to receive faulty components, right? The third test phase, AOI, is carried out using cutting edge Japanese technology: In this phase, we are able to demonstrate or detect soldering anomalies, short-circuits, missing components, components with reversed polarity, or even a component that is situated slightly skewed.
How Much should We Trust Machines? We check...
Following mechanical manufacturing processes, there is a frequent need for manual processes done by human hands. Of course, these are also inspected.
How can We Guarantee 100% Defect-free Compo...
Would you like to be 100% certain that all components you order function exactly the way intended by their designer? Learn more about our functional and pincushion testing stage
X-ray Inspection
Did you know that an x-ray inspection can be carried out during the entire production process? This is how we can expose hidden defects that are difficult or impossible to detect using other methods. Learn more about the method now.
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