How can We Guarantee 100% Defect-free Components? FCT and ICT Testing

Would you like to be 100% certain that all components you order function exactly the way intended by their designer? Learn more about our functional and pincushion testing stage

_DSC2317Are you familiar with the saying, that the proof of the pudding is in the eating? The only way to be absolutely sure that all components from your order function exactly as their designer intended is live testing, checking all final functions.

Throughout our functional testing procedure we simulate the functions of the given component (FCT): thanks to our expertise, we ourselves can prepare the necessary programs for simulation, but our partner may also provide them in the case of more complex, tailor-made solutions. In the case of manufacturing a GPS unit, for example, we are able to determine the number of satellites the unit connects to at the moment of testing, as well as signal strength etc.

Beyond its functionality, we can also guarantee 100% compliance with the electronic parameters determined in the plans. During ICT testing we place the component on a highly complex pin cushion: the gold-plated pins with titanium-nickel coating, supported by springs, are placed against given points of the panel to provide all the relevant information between two endpoints, such as capacitance, resistance and voltage among many others. This is followed by an automatic inspection with an ICT device, ensuring that measurements comply with the prospective values.

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